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The 49th  Indiana Volunteer Infantry is Indiana’s oldest, largest and best drilled civil war unit.  We seek to commemorate the great hardships and sacrifices of the soldiers and citizens of Indiana during our nation’s most turbulent and defining moment in history, the American Civil War. We do this by portraying soldiers and citizens at schools, museums, parades, in TV shows and movies, at government institutions and special events, and of course, at historical reenactments.

Reenactors have many reasons to join the 49th Indiana, including:

  • Desire to learn and teach about  American history

  • Honoring America’s heritage

  • Enjoy vintage firearms and military tactics

  • Love outdoor camping and cooking

  • Socializing with friends and family

  • Enjoy Victorian clothing, music and dancing

We are an inclusive group, open to all ages, backgrounds and genders, and we welcome you to become part of our organization. And while we share a   common goal around honoring our past, we also seek to create an inclusive environment where members can laugh, play, sweat and socialize with one another.

We invite you to contact us and learn more about the hobby.  Ask to participate in a reenactment and we’ll outfit you for a day, musket and all! The 49th Indiana welcomes you!

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